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The winter days are far behind us and as we prepare to trade our extra layers for the season’s hottest styles, I am looking forward to spending more days in the summer sun with friends and family. Lately, I’ve had my eye on some great spring fashion trends that I’ve been anxious to share with you in next week’s blog, but for now, I have a severe spring fever that I hope to spread to you!!

My team and I have been busy working on new residential projects here in Houston with gorgeous outdoor spaces that are the perfect canvas for these ultra-chic pieces I am sharing with you today! In my ongoing journey to encourage you to “Live Stylish” I have decided that my research and design concepts should benefit more than just my clients.


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My mission this spring is to research to find the best of the best in outdoor furniture and accessories, lighting and more! I am digging deep into my favorite resources and am loading up my Pinterest with endless options and inspirations that I know will inspire you too!

To get you started off, I have a sneak peak of products that I KNOW will bring life and style into your great outdoors – check out these options for creating an outdoor space that looks and feels as stylish and comfortable as your home interior.

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Relaxing outside is all about finding your perfect zen spot! SAN, the latest collection from Manutti, is all about mastering the art of zen through timeless yet contemporary furniture. The latest collection in the Manutti family combines innovation and design aesthetics that is inspired by Japanese culture.

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Choosing the right loungers that you will love for a long time can be tricky because one should never be forced to sacrifice style or functionality! So before purchasing, lay back and imagine yourself in your new private oasis and test the furniture out. I am obsessing over the sleek wave design of the SURF lounge chairs designed by Karim Rashid for Vondom – these are as sexy as they are ergonomically correct!

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Remember, thorough research and planning will ensure that the design of your outdoor living space is a design that you will love for years and years. If you are inspired to update your outdoor space, contact info@contourinteriordesign.com

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