How Fashion Translates to Interior Design


Last month brought some of the best fashion shows to the catwalks of New York, London, Milan, and Paris that were filled with extravagant designs, bold texture, and stunningly moody hues. I am so grateful for fashion week – a true guide to style, revealing beautiful garments and beautiful accessories just as we are getting over the winter blues.

Recently, I had a chance to visit London, one of the world’s largest fashion capitals, just as they were celebrating fashion week and featuring designer shows for the new 2017 lines. If you are a fashionista like me, then there is a good chance you have an eye for style and are constantly following the latest fashion trends and if not, do not worry, I have shared my latest discoveries below!

I have always believed that there is a strong link between interior design and fashion. Various trends originate from the world of fashion and trickle down into the interior design industry, such as color palettes and patterns that you find in fabrics and other decorative art objects. You can see how influences of fashion design in the interiors below.


While some may see a new fashion line and immediately question if they approve of the style of the designer or specific garments, others will experience the new line as inspiration. I am inspired on a daily basis, not just by architecture or nature, but also from patterns, textures, and colors found in jewelry, clothing and other fashion accessories – whether they are bold and graphic or subtle and sophisticated.

Not only does fashion and interior design share the same basic design concepts of color, shape, and form, but they are also delightfully accessible, artistic expressions available to the masses, which is you and I, if we so choose – just as with certain interior styles and fine art, not all fashion trends or garment shapes work for everyone!

Keep scrolling and check out how the latest 2017 runway fashion trends were used in recent designs.


Michael Kors – Peter Shelton and Lee F. Mindel


Mary Katrantzou – Hassell

2017 has been the year of exciting new color palettes, but interior designers and fashion designers are both focusing on using nature as inspiration. You will start to see more earthy tones that will allow you to add a naturally chic look for both your home and wardrobe.


David Coma – Habitually Chic


Daks – VLArchitects

I believe that personal expression is directly linked with fashion and interior design, and we are all able to express ourselves by how we dress and style our homes. Bold is beautiful! When it comes to interior design, do not be afraid to use color mixed with textures and patterns because your home is an expression of your own individual style.


Versus Versace – Vittorio Bonapace

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